Saturday, September 11, 2004

Number 9 - Name That Botanist


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This next distinguished Cornell botanist (B. 1881; D. 1969) was a vascular plant anatomist and morphologist with a special interest in floral development and evolution. In 1926 he co-authored (with Karl McKay Wiegand) The Flora of the Cayuga Lake Basin, New York : Vascular Plants. His doctoral thesis at Harvard [and the subject of a 1913 paper by him in the Annals of Botany (Vol 27; p. 1-38)] was entitled "The Morphology of Agathis australis (Lamb.) Steud."

His most important books were:

  • An Introduction to Plant Anatomy, 1925 (with Laurence H. MacDaniels)
  • Morphology of Vascular Plants, Lower Groups (Psilophytales to Filicales), 1936
  • Morphology of Angiosperms, 1961.

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