Thursday, January 27, 2005

Number 11 - Name That Botanist

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This English mycologist, cleric, and Fellow of the Royal Society has here been photographed circa 1865. Born on April 1, 1803, he died July 30, 1889. He described the fungi of the Wilkes Expedition, the H.M.S. Challenger, Charles Wright's North Pacific Exploring Expedition, Darwin's Beagle voyage, and many more from South America, the Arctic, Australia, Africa and every corner of the globe. He has left us a large body of published work. If you haven't already solved it, perhaps you can match him up with his photo of some 20 years later, shown on the "CYBER-TRUFFLE'S FUNGAL VALHALLA (PORTRAITS OF MYCOLOGY'S LATE GREATS)" site, linked to on the left hand column of this page.


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